The planned trip to Moscow soon awakened the memories of the last two meetings in the MZHM format, which took place during the last four-year-old trip. I will tell about one today, about the second - tomorrow.

The beginnings are standard and similar to all other situations when I was a guest participant for a family (or no family, no one has ever presented a passport) pairs: correspondence on a dating site, where they voiced the desire for group sex in their questionnaire. The dissimilarity was expressed in the fact that, unlike all my previous experiences described in “MZHM. In detail and generalized, the spouses said they could not invite home to themselves, summer holidays, the son-student at home, so the meeting place is my concern. And as I understand it, a pleasant bonus for them was binding to Belorussky Railway Station, in the vicinity of which there was a private hotel, where I booked a room, when we agreed on the day and time of the meeting. As it turned out, they did not live in the capital, but in the region, precisely in this direction.

The day has come, the hour has struck, we met at the intended landmark near the metro, said the words befitting the moment of personal acquaintance, and went in the direction of the hotel. Probably, we looked funny from the outside. In the middle - a woman of 33-35-year-old about age, medium height, medium build, black, slightly curly locks frame a pretty face of light apricot shade. A section of the eyes and the structure of the cheekbones give a representative of the Mongoloid race, - Thoria (Victoria) was a Buryat by nationality. On her right hand, Gosh (George), tall, thin, wiry, strides sweepingly around her head — a shaggy cap of half-gray hair, dressed in a black shirt and jeans, dark and slightly unshaven. On the left hand - bald and pot-bellied DD, all in white, pleased and anticipating. Men around 45, and they are also characteristic eastern appearance. But not far, but southeast.

(Names are conditional and selected according to consonance)

We go to the store not far from the hotel, buy food and drinks, drinks and snacks. Toria, who was looking into my basket at the checkout, when leaving the store, quietly said something to her husband, he was already on the street, quite loudly (or so it seemed to me, I already raised myself, did anyone hear from passersby) asks:
- DD, do you have condoms?
“Yes,” I reply.

Toria is pretty smiling and we move on.

Another small hitch happens in the hotel lobby. The accommodating girl is greatly surprised when she sees visitors in the number of not two, but three, and she seems ready to defend traditional morality with her chest. But I refer it to their own price list on the site, where there is an extra charge for each additional guest, I pay, and everything is safely settled.

We settle down, take out products and bottles from packages, Toria quickly sets the table, at some point, having overcome the initial timidity, she asks me:
- DD, what are you doing?
“Yes,” I reply. And I add with a slight surprise - I wrote on the site, I forgot? Or did you not correspond?
- I kept the correspondence, - and rightly, basically all the answers came from a woman's face, - but you know, they write so much to us, I don’t remember everyone.

Well, before proceeding to the description of the feast and sex, alternating each other all four hours for which the room was ordered, I will tell you about what was a pleasant surprise for me and a memorable detail that distinguished this MZHM trio from all the others where I was invited participant, not a regular partner of a woman. The characteristic appearance of Gosha and the very first words he said with our typical national accent, in general, left no doubt that he was my countryman. And if on the street and in the store we talked in Russian, after entering the room, we immediately switched to our native language. And the most amazing thing, driving him now in affection, now in cognitive dissonance, was the fact that he fully owned Toria too. She spoke freely, practically without an accent, but with the reprimand of the locality where her husband was from, and she understood absolutely everything about everything from everyday questions to political questions, from sports terms to sexual ones.

- Well, for the meeting, we will be healthy! - we clinked the first toast, and the feast began. For us, for you, for South Arkansas, everything is as it should be.

- Gosh, do you know Buryat language? - I asked him later, when we drank to the elders who were alive and peace be upon the dead. - Bread, salt, water, vodka as it will be in Buryat, you know?
“I know,” said Gosh, a little bit weaker, confidently, to which Toria grinned skeptically. And he was right, because he translated bread with water, he made a mistake in salt, but he said about vodka, that it should not be transferred, but should be drunk.
- And say something else.

Gosh moved his lips, as if recalling some forgotten words, raised his eyes to the ceiling, then fixed his burning gaze on his wife and said something, hoarsely and passionately. She burst out and slapped her husband with two fingers over her lips.
- What is wrong? - I asked Torii.
- Of course, wrong.
- So how should it be?

She uttered the same phrase melodiously and lyrically, shaking her head with a reproachful as a careless student.
- And what does it mean? - for some reason it was thought, a line was sounded from the creation of some national poet, or a philosophical aphorism of an ancient thinker.
Embarrassed, Toria was silent, but Gosha translated immediately and with undisguised joy:
- Oh, how I like your ass, I will fuck her again and again!
“Gosh - a fan of anal sex,” as if complaining about her husband, but at the same time being proud of him, said Toria, “give him the opportunity, would have had me there day and night.”
- I'm a fan of your priests! - confirmed Gosh. - And soon you will be convinced of this once again. And DD will try it out, too, will become her fan.
- DD, do you also love so much in the ass? - it was clear that Toria was not asking for pro forma, but with an eye to the near future, in order to more accurately line up her behavior in bed.
- Well ... - I mixed up, - I love, of course ... but I do not neglect the rest either, especially the blowjob.

- Eh, my poor ass! - Toria slyly sighed. - You will get today, tied up with two countrymen on your head. So be it, I'm kind! Lick well in front, I'll give you the back.

Then Gosha hugged his wife's neck and dug a kiss to her lips, and I penetrated my hand under the hem of her dress, shifted the edge of my panties and felt with my fingers if not the flood, then very strong excitement started by women, which you need to quickly fuck.

At the pace of accepting water treatments, we found ourselves on a wide, truly three bedroom, tradrome. At first, I kissed Toria on the lips, and Gosha pleaded his wife orally. Then we changed places, kissed Toria Gosh, and I made her kuni. Then Toria sucked my cock while Gosh continued to excite her spouse with her tongue, bringing her orgasm closer and forcing at times to moan sweetly and involuntarily bend. At some such moment, it seemed to her that she either bit her penis, or squeezed my balls hard, immediately released from her mouth:

- Sorry, I'm not on purpose! This demon is to blame for everything, - she nodded down on diligently licking Gosha, - I am losing my head, this is what you do with me.
“Nothing, nothing,” I replied, “everything is fine,” and Toria, once again grabbing the trunk, reached out to my organ with her lips, like a tasty candy. Well, I note in passing that she sucked somehow delicately, perhaps, not by inability (later, during the second and third call, I saw how she was sucking Goshu, the speed and depth were phenomenal), and most likely fearing to cause me pain or discomfort. Or, alternatively, she did not want me to end quickly, not knowing how difficult it was.

Another change of posture. Gosh, without too much almond stuff, put his wife in her mouth and began to fuck her this way, and I fell into a hot, juicy pussy ... and by the way I’ll emphasize for lovers of feminists that we licked not for pro forma and not for a few seconds, just check in and get the right to "reverse", and ...

in good faith, with pleasure, and 5-7 minutes, if not 10, during each "approach to the projectile." And then, our joint efforts have borne fruit. Toria groaned loudly and often, twitching her torso, throwing up her hands, now pinching her nipples, pressing my head between my legs, the clitoris became harder and harder, and my body spasms gave out a few heavy leaks. I waited a few seconds until her shudders subsided, straightened up and came across Gosha’s surprised (and somewhat jealous) look:
- Wow! - he said. “Usually, she only ends up with me,” and in a comic key, with a wink at me, he added, “Thoria, admit it honestly, is DD doing Cooney so well or are you in love with him?”

Toria, lying in prostration, did not even lift an eyebrow. And when I wanted to lie down next to her, Gosh pulled my hand:
- Let's go for a smoke! Leave her, let him rest, come to his senses, then fry for the glory. She is now happy, everything is possible and even more. Yes, my sweet? - turned to her. Now, Toria has only an eyebrow and has led, they say, yes, I can hear you and agree, but let me catch my breath and come to my senses.

Hopefully, from the skyscrapers on the contrary, no one took a picture of how in the hotel room two men smoked by the window, hairy and heavily ovoloshennyh whole body, steamed and naked, apparently after sex. Especially for Straight ready compromising exposing non-standard orientation, even on YouTube upload it.

- Will you discuss football for a long time? - suddenly there was a remark of Toria, who came to herself and was waiting for “the continuation of the banquet”. And the truth is, ours and Gosha are a jamb, carried away during the break with discussion of the World Cup games in Brazil. “Or maybe I should call my neighbors, since the men are tired,” she continued with us with a sly smile.
“Now let's see who is tired,” Gosh muttered under his breath, and smiled with lust, “and don't expect mercy!” “Come on, DD, show this impatient woman like a man fuck,” and, in spite of rude words, his intonation and glance were overflowing with such adoration, and Torii’s return glance that I felt a little uncomfortable as someone who accidentally peeks the scene of family life not intended for his eyes.

She got up on all fours in the middle of the bed, invitingly pulled out her ass, Gosh settled down to him, and I, climbing onto the bed with my legs, began to fuck Toria waiting for me in my mouth. It lasted a minute or two, I can not say, but at some point, at the edge of the bed, where Gosh pissed his wife into pussy, there was a pause. Judging by the movements and sounds, Gosh pulled out a member from there, moistened her anus with her own lubricant and his saliva, and slowly began to push through her ass. Toria grunted, bent more, I did not interfere, I stopped my frictions, just waited for them to re-enter the rhythm. But the script, apparently, was familiar, Gosh pushed his head into her ass, adjusted himself with several slow movements, and then, picking up speed, began to fuck his wife in the ass just as he had recently in her pussy. And then, catching the rhythm, Toria pushed her lips over my penis, I lay down for convenience, and this episode, her sucking and fucking in the ass, had lasted much longer than the previous one in her mouth and pussy.

I am not a mind reader, and I don’t know how to read. But the whole appearance of Torii and the expression of the eyes, when I stroked my head, removed the falling hair that prevented to enjoy the look of this great blowjob, and our eyes intersected, testified to one thing: she was in ecstasy and high, she really likes to be fucked in the mouth at the same time and in the ass. She actively resisted the pelvis, leaning on her husband’s stake, and tirelessly caressed my core, then deeply and deeply let her throat, pressing my nose to my pubis, then took the cheeks for one and the other, then held her tongue around the head. And the rhythmic slaps, which do not let us forget that right now, sucking Toria is getting fucked in the ass, they just added excitement and lust, and, well, to conceal, they were awakened by an active desire to try out those Torii holes that they hadn’t been in yet.

The slaps on the side slowed down and then stopped. "Really finished, - I was surprised, - so it is unlikely, logically should have accelerated and some exclamations would have escaped." Gosh pulled a member out of his wife's ass, walked around the bed, stood for a few seconds, watched with a contented look how Toria was working on my instrument. A member of him stood upright, not a drop of sperm, or anything else on it was not. Well, yes, Toria wrote that he, too, is long-playing, prefers to stop for a meeting once.
- I'll go rinse, - said gosh. And he added with a smile, turning to me, - now you have to do some work, look at it, it's my turn to rest, - and, slamming his wife over the tasty ripe buttock, headed towards the bathroom.

Observing the rules of another monastery, I stirred, making it clear to Torii that I had to obey my husband. She leaned back, leaned her elbow on the pillow, her eyes clouded with lust slowly cleared.
- Do you like? She whispered. - It does not hurt by chance, and you hesitate to say?
- Everything is great! - I also answered in a whisper, as if speaking up how I would steal it from my husband. He leaned over to her, kissed one nipple, the second, ran his hand over his stomach, thighs, between his legs was burning like in a stove. - You're just super, Toria!
- Thanks, DD! - She replied and stroked his cheek. - Very hot, pour juice, please!

While I brought the juice, I took the glass away, tore down the packaging and removed the filthy ganzon, tightened it and attached myself to the cancer that had reappeared at the edge of the Toria bed, and performed the first frictions of the vaginal act, Gosh returned from the shower. I stood a little beside me, as if not believing my own eyes, looked at me, now at the hole where I had worn his wife, and said with surprise:
- In the ass you do not fuck? Why? - in general, he constantly expressed obscene words in the process, but all this was perceived very naturally and not at all obscene, all the more so did Torry feel free to voice the text. I think they considered me somewhat squeezed, as I tried to use euphemisms or literary turns.
“I'll make it,” I said with a smile. - Just a little bit and switch to the ass.

Just as Gosh walked around the bed and got accustomed to Toria’s gentle lips, I switched from front to back. There was no need to wet the penis; the rubber jumpsuit was glistening with Toria's lubricant, almost dripping from it. I moistened her anus with saliva, tried it with my fingers, will it enter without a hitch? It went like clockwork, I admit, it would even have flown in if I had not consciously repeated the scenario that had previously been demonstrated by Gosha. Slow input, a hole with a little resistance, which is so cool to overcome, skips the head and tightly clasps the penis, sparks of excitement and enthusiasm run through the body, trying on a few back and forth, oh God, it's nice, and gradually accelerating, I start With fervor and heat, zeal and passion, fuck Toria in the ass.

When on the street Gosh asked me about condoms, I, frankly, was a little disappointed, because during the correspondence Toria did not say anything definite, saying "it will be visible there", but actually "as the husband will say." And he believed that due to the obligatory use of rubber bands, the pleasure from sex would be blurred and, as a result, the general impression of the meeting. Fortunately, this did not happen! The rarest case, when hand on heart, I can say: I did not feel any difference and the impression remained the most favorable.

Toria fucked her ass so well, so coolly podmahivala, so skillfully squeezed the trunk with a sphincter and as if swung in herself, so temptingly twisted her ass, so temptingly she moaned (and smacked, sucking parallel to Gaucher, and he, in turn, mumbled in sexual trance , as he feels good, and what a skillful nipple of his spouse), at times she managed to stretch her buttocks for a better entry and heightened excitement, then tickle her hand between her legs and an egg to tickle me, in general, this was a buzz that I completely forgot about the condom on member and stopped his feel ...

from the very first seconds of anal intercourse. And even there was such a funny incident. The backup coprocessor, who took over the management of the thought process due to the main processor that was disconnected from the buzz, began to talk about whether I would break the statute of another monastery if I forced my orgasm and pulled Torii's sperm into the anus, because Gosh himself for some reason is not I entered, and I decided to follow in his fairway. I really hung up for a couple of seconds, wondering whether to ask, or not asking (and not risking) to take out and cum on her buttocks, and only then remembered that I was fucking something in a prezike. If you want to stop, you want not to finish, your business, DD. But once I decided to follow the example of my older comrade (Gosh was a year older than me, although he looked younger than he looked), let it be. Muzhikalnaya pause, pliz!

- tired? - Gosha asked sympathetically, when I, as he had done a little earlier, slowed down the pace and took out a member of Torino's priests, went in from the side and began to observe with what enchanting frequency and amplitude Thorin’s head goes up and down, as if the last seconds of suction go, and he is about to sprinkle, but nothing of the kind, lies to himself, even if henna, put his hands behind his head and enjoys himself in a quiet mode.
- I have a little, - I turned my heart, did not want to admit out loud that I was following his scheme, - I want to smoke, I want to drink, and there is still enough time, why hurry?
“Good,” he agreed easily, and turned to Torii. - Come, let's sit again, my joy?

Having washed and pulled panties (Gosha and I, and Toria in a bath robe), we resumed the interrupted feast. If anyone had the opportunity to eavesdrop (but not spy) our conversation during that time, until the half-lid was empty and the appetizer was over (by the way, which still surprised Toria also drank vodka, not on a par with us, of course, but taking a sip when overturned a pile), I wouldn’t have guessed that these people had just participated (and intend to continue) in the depraved trio, and each of the men tried each of the holes of the woman present here. From the side, it looked like a chance encounter for a long time not seen, since perestroika, good acquaintances or distant relatives, who managed to change several places of residence and work, get into adventures and scrape, get wives and have children, and then , in a relatively quiet zero, settle down, gain a foothold, create a basis for further, already permanent work and already established life. They talked about laws and policies, borders and customs, large and small cities, nostalgic about their homeland, evaluated the pros and cons of living in a foreign land, in general, calmly and emotionally sat, there would have been a bottle, I suppose they would sing songs.

However, the bottle was not there, but it was necessary to attend to a worthy end of fucking (after all, Gosha and I still did not finish, plus, as it turned out, some thought sat down like a thorn in his brain, not giving rest). And since I should now attend to the prompt completion of the story (Christmas trees, sticks, the eighth page of the Word ends, and starting the action, it was thought, damn, what to write about, well, they wrote off on chpoking, well, they met, they had a lot of fun, not to take that away, in a couple paragraphs you can meet, readers will say: "trash, sir!"), I will try to summarize as briefly as possible what happened memorable in the third run.

First, Gosh decisively and skillfully cracked down on a punctured splinter. While I was at the opening, kissing with Toria and putting it in her mouth, he quickly and efficiently licked her, and helping the tongue with her fingers, brought his wife to such an orgasm that we almost flew off the huge tradroma on the floor, and some At that time, they listened if the steps of the guards would rattle in the corridor and whether they would bang on the door with an exclamation: “Open! What is going on here? ”

Secondly, for the next twenty minutes, Gosha and I alternately fucked Toria in a format not a trio, but a tete-a-tete. Do you think they missed the benefit of gruppenex allows this? In fact, they shot photos and videos from different angles on Goshin’s phone, like Toriya was fucked. Without hitting the frame of the face. By the way, the only thing that left me dissatisfied with this sweet couple was they promised to send me fragments with my participation on the soap, but they never sent radishes. Well, god Eros is their judge!

Third, Gosh literally fucked Toria in the ass. Fuck and fuck, she is already poor, and this way she is spinning, it is already clear that she is not in a rush, no, the husband who is in love with his wife and her ass will not stop, if she departs for a minute, she asks me to change, he will immediately the phone grabs and takes off.

Fourthly, he expectedly finished Torii in the ass, and his eyes burned with such delight and lust, as if he had not had sex with his wife, but only just unrolled a young virgin. I finished a couple of minutes earlier, Torii in my mouth, pulling together and throwing into the trash the third gum, and not filling any of them with sperm. In the end, to be honest, these gum me too. It is one thing to fuck Toria in the ass, then this rubber garbage is imperceptible, and another thing - taking off in front of the scream, just walking "in a spacesuit", then it is very much felt and does not contribute to the buzz.

Fifth, an explanation of the title. Many years ago I had a chance to fuck a Korean Snezhana, who was very popular in certain circles. Popular, as it became clear to me, because of the exotic appearance, and not the skills and enthusiasm in bed. And since then, he was somehow skeptical of the representatives of the Mongoloid race, even though he understood with his mind, it is impossible to extend a single experience to everyone. Viva Buryatka Victoria - she won a victory, not only sexual but also psychological. And my fellow countryman Georgy, too, for support and understanding — respect, respect, and a big hello!