His wife wore fresh panties and stood painted in the bathroom. I looked at her slim legs, her neat ass, her long dark hair and thought how I love her. What can you do to make your wife happy!

Lena and I have long wanted to have a baby, but somehow it did not work. After going to the doctor, our fears were confirmed. I had a problem sperm. The percentage of active spermatozoa was too small to be able to get pregnant for my wife freely. The chance was, but small. But after a 7-year marriage, his wife already “climbed onto the wall” and demanded a child.

We considered various options. For a while they tried again, and then they wanted to take the child from the orphanage, but after much deliberation they decided to simplify the procedure. My wife really wanted a child, and I knew who could help with this. My friend Alex is a handsome and sporty guy. Have you guessed what it was about ?!

The point was to Alex beat my wife. Someone will say - why do I need someone else's child? Well, how is it someone else ?! He will have his own mother - my wife, and it is enough for me that I will raise my beloved child and, of course, I will be his father, even if not biological, if nature so disposed of me. At first, my wife accepted everything with hostility - how a foreign man would paw her! But time passed, but the child is not there. After a couple of months, Lena herself began actively promoting this topic.

Now his wife stood and painted for Alex. He was supposed to come to us for the first time today.

“I'm so worried, love,” my spouse babbled all day.

“Stop it, Alex is a good guy, everything will be fine,” I said, while I myself experienced no less than her.

“Did you explain everything to him?” - she said.

- Of course. No perversions, just a classic. Our goal is a child - I smiled, and my heart was restless.

“Dima, I love you so much, my dream will finally come true,” the wife was happy and worried, “whoo, well, that shakes me so much, I worry like a fool,” she said.

The bell rang.

- Oh, God, and I'm still naked, everything ran, - his wife swooped into the bedroom, and I went to the door. It was he. I opened the door.

“Hi,” I said to Alex and invited him to the apartment.

- Healthy, - Alex undressed and walked into the corridor.

- Here, wash your hands, - I showed him the bathroom, - you still remember what we agreed on? - I clarified.

“Yes, don't worry, everything will be a bundle,” he washed his hands and headed for the bedroom.

I opened the door, on a bed my beauty sat in a light dress and looked at us. She nervously moved the feet of her slender legs. I sat on the chair. Yes, yes, I planned to observe. Well, you never know what! What if Alex gets carried away or my wife does not like something.

Our guest took off his shirt and pants, then lowered his pants. Of these, dropped a decent size member, considering that there was no erection yet. Lena opened her eyes wide and a little shy, her eyes fell somewhere to the side. Alex sat down next to the bed.

- And will you be here? He asked me.

- Yes, and there are problems? - I clarified.

“I don't care how you know,” he said, and pulled my wife close to him. He began to kiss her, and his wife sat rooted to the spot. It took a couple of minutes, but the member did not get up.

“Lena, help me somehow,” he asked her.

She stared at me, then at his dick. Then she took it with her hand and started pulling. Alex took off the straps of her dress and in front of us were the small breasts of my slim beauty. Alex began to greedily kiss them. The wife continued to move the skin on his penis. Member began to show signs of life and grow in the hands of Lena. Five minutes later he was standing at attention, and by that time his wife was sitting without a dress, in only her panties. Alex picked it up and quickly pulled it off. He touched his palm to her vagina.

“Dry,” he said, “needs to be fixed.”

After these words, he inserted his finger into his wife's vagina and began to move them intensively. It all happened somehow quickly and on a clear plan, like a robot. My wife did not know how to behave, especially since I was sitting nearby. He spread her legs and knelt down. His head was between the legs of Lena. The second hand, he held his wife for the ass. After a couple of minutes, I saw my wife close her eyes a little, apparently it was beginning to give her pleasure. She spread her legs even more and continued to glance at Alex. He began to jerk her finger even more. Suddenly, I noticed that my wife was moving her waist slightly towards her arm. I do not know why, but the excitement of my wife passed on to me. “Only this was not enough now,” I thought, feeling my dick begin to come to life. A few minutes later he finished and laid his wife on the bed. He quickly inserted his dick into the already wet vagina and began frictions. My wife lay silently and looked at me. After ten minutes of hesitation, he finished and pulled it out. I got up and saw that the sperm was flowing out of my Lena's vagina.

“I'm everything,” Alex quickly dressed and went out into the corridor.

I spent the guest, and he returned to Lena.

- Well, all right? - I asked my wife.

- Yes, honey, I'm so happy that everything is over, now we will have a little one! - the wife said that, as if the doctor had just said this to her.


Two weeks passed and we went to the doctor. The result was negative.

“Try again,” said the doctor and spread his hands.

Wife worried all the way.

“Dear,” my wife appealed to me in the evening of the same day, “I thought about it and made a schedule of such days when the chance of getting pregnant is very favorable.” Let's try these days ... I will try ... with Alex, - his wife hesitated and covered with ruddy.

I sighed heavily and agreed. The very next day Alex came to us again.

He walked into the bedroom where Lena sat in the same dress and in the same pose.

“Take off your clothes,” he said without ceremony to my wife, she was a little taken aback, but took off her dress. It seemed to me that today Alex was a little out of mood. He quickly undressed himself and sat down next to his wife on the bed. Lena immediately began to jerk off his cock, and he was kissing her neck. But the member did not get up in five minutes.

“Listen, you suck him or something,” Alex said calmly. Lena looked at me in shock, not knowing what to do next - no, well, I need to get aroused properly, I'm so used to it, he said.

- No suck, - I said displeased.

- Dimon, well, I'm sorry, I can not, I also need to relax, - said Alex. He pushed aside the hands of his wife and went after the things - you want a child ?! - he suddenly asked, - and if I do not relax, then we are trying in vain, - he added.

- Dima, - the wife looked plaintively at me, - it's for the sake of the child, - Lena looked at me and Alex.

I hesitated.

“Okay, come on,” I said, but in my heart the cats scrubbed. Wife smiled and simultaneously alert.

“That's the way it used to be,” said Alex with a smile, took his dick and went up to his wife, “it will be more convenient for you on your knees,” he told her.

My wife looked at me, blushed a little, got out of bed and sat on her knees in front of Alex's member. He came close to his wife and Lena opened her mouth. Alex began to drive his head over his wife's lips, slowly at first, then stronger. I saw his dick wipe lipstick on my beloved lips. Then Alex put his instrument in my spouse's mouth.

“Here soooo, mmm,” he screamed.

Lena began to suck his unit with her jaws. I saw the head disappear somewhere behind her cheek, and then all the shiny spittle from my spouse appears.

“Lick the testicles,” Alex said suddenly.

My wife did not even look at me, but immediately pulled his pisyun out of her mouth and lifted him higher. And then began to lick his hairy eggs.

“Oh yeah, mmm,” Alex moaned, “will you have a baby,” he said, “who do you want a boy or a girl?” He asked, looking at my wife.

“Girl,” she replied, and continued to lick the hair on the scrotum. Suddenly she stopped and something got out of her mouth, probably a hair. "It is not surprising, with such thickets as his" - I thought. Lena threw her and continued to suck.

“Take them in your mouth,” Alex told his wife. The wife meekly opened her mouth even more and began to suck in his farm deeply.

“Mmmmmmm,” Alex moaned again, “with such a beauty you and the girl will be beautiful,” Alex said.

Lena, without interrupting her guest’s scrotal licking class, said:

“Thank you,” and smiled.

- When she grows up, be sure to teach her how to lick eggs too. The husband will be pleased, - Alex grinned and looked at me.

- Do you really like? - Asked his wife and all red.

“True,” Alex answered.

After these words, his wife even more actively began to lick his scrotum and smack. She never looked at my reaction. I didn’t really like that my darling started to caress his scrotum without consulting me, but I understood that she really wanted a child and was even ready for it.

A little distracted, to say a few words about our sexual relationship with Lena.

Sex with my wife generally suited me. It was a blowjob and various all sorts of poses. But just like now Lena licked him eggs, she never did that to me. In addition, the list of taboos included anal sex. And yet - she never let her cum on her face. Once I accidentally hit her cheek and she sulked at me the whole evening. Since then, I have been quite neat.

We continue.

Alex's member was already standing. He took his wife by the hand and raised her. Lena had her back to me and I clearly saw how droplets of discharge from her vagina glistened on one of her legs. “He didn’t even touch her pussy, and she’s already flowing.” I was very surprised. It turns out that she likes it all. I could not believe it.

Wife lay on the bed. Alex rushed at her and put in his hot dick. After ten minutes the whole process came to an end. His wife lay with her legs splayed, and Alex's sperm turned white in the center of the vagina. He leaned over to his wife and whispered something in her ear. The wife waved her head in the affirmative.

I accompanied the guest and came to the bedroom to his wife.

“Now you suck his eggs too, is that you?” - I asked, - the one who asked me without any distortions.

“Dimochka, I think about the result, don't you understand,” she said, and her eyes sparkled. She lay with her legs apart. Her short hairs on the vagina were all in white viscous fluid.

My wife looked at me.

- If you want, let's finish all this ..., - she said suddenly, and she lowered her head.

I looked at her. I always felt very uncomfortable when my Lena was sad. And so that she was happy, I was ready for anything.

“Okay, drive over,” I said.

“Thank you, thank you ... I love you,” she said, and reached out to me.

We merged into a kiss. I felt some kind of smell. “Damn, it's the smell of Alex’s scrotum,” suddenly struck me. I abruptly pulled away from his wife.

“Honey, go wash,” I said.

- Oh, sorry, - the wife smiled slyly, - now I will rest a little more and go.


Ten minutes before Alex’s next arrival, his wife was standing in the bedroom and getting ready.

I looked in and saw that Lena was stretching light thin stockings.

- What are you doing? - I asked her.

- Honey, Alex asked me to wear stockings. He says that it will relax him even more, ”said his wife, as if nothing had happened, and she herself blushed like a tomato.

- And to meet him naked at the door, he did not tell you? - I was outraged.

- Darling, well, it's all for the sake of the child, you know ..., - the businesslike wife said, pulling the panties on her pretty ass. Then she sat on the bed.

- And the dress? - I asked.

- What's the point ?! - the wife asked me, - then it’s all the same to shoot, - she smiled a little and threw a leg over her leg.

She took out a makeup bag, took a lipstick and began to tint her lips. "And what's the point," I thought. "Now he will wipe it away with his dick."

A few minutes later Alex came. He went into the bedroom and, seeing a naked wife, declared:

- Ooh, my baby is waiting for me.

My wife was a little shy and tried to smile. He immediately took off his pants and framed a member of his wife sitting on the bed. She looked into his eyes and meekly opened her mouth. Member plunged into the beautiful mouth of my wife.

“Oh yeah, my nipple,” Alex began to say, “how are you?” He asked his wife.

- Well, - she pulled out a member to answer and began to suck again.

“Great,” he took her by the head and began to push her onto his standing dick.

He did it so quickly that his wife almost choked and gurgled somewhere behind his groin. This lasted for several minutes without interruption. Then Alex pulled out a member. His wife's eyes were in tears, the mascara flowed just a little, there was almost no lipstick on her lips. He continued to hold her head and look at her. Then he directed the face of my beloved to his scrotum. Lena began to suck her greedily.

“Yeah, hmmm,” Alex screamed, “like this, my girl.”

Lena just moaned and for the whole time only a couple of times glanced in my direction.

Alex abruptly lifted her and tilted her so that she could lean her hands on the bed, and with her ass to him.

A beautiful view opened before me: the slim legs of the spouse, wet crotch, streams of discharge were already on stockings. The wife again flowed like a bitch. Alex also appreciated this view and immediately put his dick into her wet vagina. He began to sharply ram her from behind.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhm,” cried his wife.

“So, my beauty,” Alex said quietly, “you see how you stand on you.”

“Uuuuuuuuu,” the woman screamed with a shudder in her voice.

“On, get ... hmm ... hmm ... hm ... hmm ...," he continued to push his wife from behind with all he could.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaa, mmmmm,” his wife groaned.

A few more minutes and Alex roared and moaned in the room:

“Grrr, ooooow, ... get it, bitch,” he suddenly cursed. I really did not like it.

“Aaaaaaaaa,” the wife shouted.

Alex finished it. A minute later, he pulled out his dick, and his wife continued to stand in the same position - the ass to me. Sperm began to drip on the floor and run down the stockings.

“I'm everything,” Alex said, and immediately began to pull his pants.

- Thank you, Lesha - his wife suddenly said, continuing to stand in the same position.

“My wife thanked Alex for fucking her,” I thought.

“Appeal,” he replied with a grin and patted his palate on her delicious ass.

I escorted Alex and returned to my wife. She was already sitting on the bed.

“Honey, I feel that everything will be fine soon,” the wife began to say.

And I looked at her leaked carcass on the eyes, her smeared lipstick on her lips, her rammed vagina.

“Everything will be as we dreamed,” she added.

Then Lena got up and approached me. I felt that Alex smell from her again. My wife hugged me, kissed me and went to the side of the bathroom, and sperm kept dripping from her crotch.


My wife and I didn't have sex these days, but I'm a man, and every day I wanted her more and more. Lena blamed everything on the fact that now she has all her days painted and there should not be any changes in the schedule.

One day I went to the bathroom. In the shower the wife took a shower.

- Dear, put the foam, - asked his wife and handed me a shaving foam. I put it in the locker. “Probably shaving his legs,” I decided to open the door a little and look at my beauty.

I jerked the door to the shower stall. His wife held a razor in the pubis, with her head slightly bent and legs apart. She shaved between her legs.

- What are you doing? - I asked my spouse.

“Oh,” the wife suddenly screamed, “Diiiima, close the door,” the wife smiled and tried to close.

- You answer first? - I insisted, and he held the door with his hand. Wife instinctively covered her crotch.

Lena looked at me and, after a short pause, began to explain.

- Alex said that he is not very pleased when a woman has hair ... there. He asked me to remove all unnecessary things, ”said his wife,“ he says that when he feels my hair, that doesn’t relax him enough, ”she added and smiled. Her face was covered with paint. She began to close the door again.

- Isn't he fat? - I was outraged.

- Darling, it's all just for the sake of our unborn child ... Don't you want to hear children's laughter in the apartment ?! - the wife asked me, - ... take your hand away, - my wife asked with a smile and looked at my hand, which held the shower door.

“I won't,” I said sternly.

“Well, as you know,” she answered.

Lena spread her legs, took a razor and began to gently shave her hair, which was already all in the foam.

“You are a pervert ... peeping in my wife's soul,” the wife said jokingly.

- And the fact that he swears at you, you, too, calmly perceive? - I continued the conversation.

“Oh, this is such nonsense ...,” said the wife, and she herself was all focused on the process of cleansing her writing, “many quarrel during sex, this is natural,” she continued calmly.

I stood and looked at my naked spouse, who shaved the pubic hair and vagina not for me, her beloved husband, but for a stranger who asked her, you see.

Lena threw the last foam from the razor and doused everything that was left between her legs.

- How do I look? - She asked me and lifted one leg up so that I had a better look.

Instead of answering, I reached out and stroked it there.

- Oh no. You know, Alex is coming today, ”said his wife and removed my hand,“ dear, well, have patience, only a little bit is left, ”she said and closed the door.


That evening, my beloved beautiful wife again sat naked on a bed, in some stockings. Between her legs now she was clean, like a girl's. Soon came and Alex. A moment later, he was sitting next to my wife.

- Come to me - he called her, and he lay on his back.

My wife, like a bitch, rushed to her dog and climbed on top of him.

- Oooh, you shaved ?! He asked her.

- Well, you asked, - the wife smiled and began to crawl her crotch on the still-lying member of Alex. I did not see all the emotions of my wife, but as she herself moves her ass, it was difficult not to notice.

“Well done, good girl,” Alex said, and he himself began to pull at her between his legs.

“Awww,” her wife whined and laughed a little.

- Like? - asked her Alex.

“Yes,” she replied, and she glanced at me with a glint in her eyes, then again at Alex.

I sat aside and in a few seconds my dick stood up like a stake. Given that sex with my wife was not two weeks, I wanted her. And at the sight of such scenes - I wanted even more.

- Are you all wet, waiting for me? - asked Alex. The wife smiled in response.

Alex abruptly took Lena's waist and planted it on his standing dick. He began to fuck her and all the time looked into her eyes.

“So, my bitch,” he said softly.

“Mmmmm,” moaned his wife.

“An obedient girl,” he continued.

“Mmmmmm,” Lena whined with excitement.

He turned his wife on the bed with cancer, and he climbed on top and began to ram her from behind.

“This is soooo,” Alex continued to speak and slapped my spouse on the ass.

“Oh,” she cried suddenly.

Alex fucked his wife, and she moaned all the time. The wife has already been fully liberated. She behaved with Alex, as with me, and in some situations, even more relaxed.

“I feel you will fly soon,” Alex said suddenly.

“Yeah-hh,” her wife moaned, “you hear dear-oh,” she approached me through the tremors, “we will soon have a girlfriend-oh-oh-cha ... mmmmm,” her wife moaned.

I'm rather tired of looking at it all. I felt like the roof was blown off. I pulled out my dick, went around this couple, quickly climbed onto the bed and tried to insert it into the mouth of my beloved little wife.

“What are you doing?” - My wife asked me in a trembling voice, from Alex's constant pushes.

“I want you too,” I said, and moved even closer.

His wife showed Alex his hand to slow down.

“Dear, no, ... we are actually doing business here, not entertainment,” his wife said harshly with some damn accent, “don't you see?” - She said, while Alex squeezed her nipples, and all the legs were in drops from her own juice. Alex continued pushes.

- Lena, I have not had sex for two weeks, do you think I can calmly watch it all ?! - I said.

“Well, come out if you can't,” his wife suddenly said and looked at me, “someone is forcing you ... ah,” she cried, when Alex sharply pushed her with his penis.

- My dear, - suddenly Alex got into the dialogue, - your husband asks you to help him.

My wife looked at him, then at me. She closed her eyes again from pleasure. After a short pause, I moved closer. Lena opened her eyes, took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it, while Alex fucked her from behind.

“Mmmmm,” moaned his wife.

Alex looked at how my wife sucked me and increased the pace. He already fucked her like the last slut, holding her hair with one hand and her chest with the other. There were constant squish sounds in the room. Wife flowed like a bitch. Lena, my dick barely sucked, but more kept him in the mouth. Alex’s shocks were too strong and she was just uncomfortable doing it. Suddenly Alex snarled and began to cum.

“Oh yeah, ahhh, grr,” he screamed.

- Aaaammmm, - in response, the wife ached and spat out my dick.

A minute later Alex got off his wife. Lena fell on her back, her eyes were burning, between her legs was wet, sperm was all over the bed. Alex got dressed and went out.

- Honey, help me finish? - I asked.

- Oooo, you are my poor, - she took my penis with her hand and began to masturbate him.

I pawed her wet breasts, then dropped below — she was all wet — it was a mixture of her secretions and our guest's sperm.

- What do you think, dear, Lyosha is relaxed enough for us to succeed? - she suddenly asked me, and then she answered her own question, - it seems to me, everything will work out, he knows his business.

My wife was looking somewhere at the ceiling and chasing the skin on my penis. A few minutes later a jet of my penis shot on the bed. His wife had previously turned him away.

- Are you already shy of my sperm? - I asked my wife.

“Dear, well, what are you… I somehow didn’t think,” the wife said, without even looking at me.


The analyzes were disappointing.

The doctor analyzed the schedule of his wife and came to the conclusion that sex was supposed to be early in the morning, at 6 o'clock. “These are features of the body and it was at this time that the chance of becoming pregnant was much higher,” he said. “And yet - it is important to relax as much as possible. Any stress will interfere with conception! ”.

We drove home in a taxi and were silent.

“Darling,” the wife of the first conversation started at home, “at 6 this is so early,” she said.

“Still early,” I confirmed.

“Come on, Alex will come overnight and stay with us, and in the morning we will perform this whole procedure,” said his wife naively and looked at me.

“Procedure,” I thought. “That's what she calls what they do.” Incredible.

- You are crazy? - I asked.

- Dear, but what about? Can you imagine what it is to come by 6 am? It is he who needs to wake up early, get dressed, get here. I have to put myself in order. This is inconvenient, said the wife.

- And you thought about my convenience? I asked again.

- It's just a couple of weeks. And you sleep in the next bedroom ... I beg you, for the sake of the child, - the wife looked at me imploringly.

I was shocked, but there was no choice. We have already gone too far to throw everything halfway through. It was decided. Alex agreed to come to us every day at 11 o'clock and stay overnight.


The next day, my wife got ready, made the bed in our bedroom and waited for Alex. He came in the evening. My wife stood in shorts and nightie on the threshold of the meeting with me. Alex came in and kissed his wife on the lips. It hurt me, but I was silent. They went to the side of the bedroom.

- Darling, - the wife has addressed to me, - I have laid you there. Goodnight!

“Good night,” I said, and headed for the small bedroom opposite ours.

I lay and could not sleep. There were a lot of thoughts in my head. “What are they doing there?” Just lie ?! Something I doubt. After a while there was a rustling in the next bedroom and a quiet conversation. Then my wife laughs. After another ten minutes, I heard her low moans. Then everything sounded and voices again. I left the bedroom and walked right up to their door.

- ... think? - Lena asked about her lover.

“I guarantee it,” he replied.

“… Ahaha,” she suddenly laughed, “well, quit, stop,” she continued. Then he heard quiet moans.

“I don’t need this here,” said the wife.

“Ummm,” Alex snarled.

Then everything went quiet again and only a whisper was heard. I went back to my room and tried to sleep. I woke up at three o'clock in the night from Lena's groans. She moaned loudly, as for night time. The groans lasted about ten minutes and everything was quiet.

At about 6 I opened my eyes, it was quiet in the apartment. I got dressed, went out of the bedroom and went up to our bedroom with my wife, where she was now lying with her lover. I covered the door a bit and looked into it. His wife was lying on her side, and Alex slowly moved his waist behind her. Lena moaned very quietly. Alex constantly crushed my spouse's breasts and whispered something in her ear. I closed the door and went to the bathroom. As I sat there, there was a click and a pop behind the door. I assumed that Alex had gone home. I immediately jumped out of the bathroom and went into the bedroom to my wife. She lay as if bewitched. The blanket was all stained in some stains. On her hair hung dried sperm drops. I pulled off the blanket - under it was a pool of white viscous fluid. The room smelled of sweat and sex.

Lena lay with half-open eyes and was still sleepy.

“Lesha, let's do it again ... just now it’s not in the ass,” suddenly my wife said barely audibly, thinking that it was Alex.

- What? - I was indignant with a cry, - not in the ass? - I just went nuts from what I heard.

“Oh,” the wife woke up abruptly and turned to me, “Dima, it's you, dear,” she suddenly became so polite.

“Now you will get it from me,” I seemed furious and attacked my wife, I turned her on my stomach and pulled out my already standing, after the night moans of my wife, member.

“No, no, please, ahhh,” shouted the wife.

I did not listen to her. Her anus was burning all over, it seemed that she had been fucked there all night. I immediately inserted her penis into this red hole and started moving. Member entered easily. “Well developed to you,” I thought.

“Aummm,” the wife whined, “nooo,” she shouted.

And I fucked her without stopping. After a few minutes, the wife began to moan.

I pulled out a member and turned her cancer, then again inserted it into her little ass.

- Well, what do you like? - I was angry like a dog - eh? - I grabbed my wife by the hair.

“Yeah-hh,” she screamed with excitement, “fuck me, please,” she started up.

- Get, on, ..., - I continued to hammer it.

“Oh god,” shouted a wife. I pulled a member and inserted it into the vagina. Although it was wet there, but I began to play with a wild pace and my wife just screamed without a break.

- Dimaaaaaaaa, forgive me duruuuuuu, - the wife either roared, or screamed with pleasure, - I love you, - she cried.

I pulled a member and turned her to face me. Then I grabbed my spouse by the hair and put my penis in her dirty, from previous intercourse, mouth. My wife moaned while I fucked her and fucked her. I began to penetrate the member deeper, touching her throat. Lena made tears, but I did not let her rest and had her as he wanted.

A little more and my dick pulsed. I dramatically pulled it and sperm gushed out of me like a bucket. I poured her face, her hair, her lips, her beautiful snub nose. She opened her mouth and I poured a decent portion there. I shook off the leftovers on her chin.

“Clean it,” I suddenly shouted to her, “my wife dutifully looked at me.” I raised my penis to her lips, which was full of semen, and waved my head to her so that she could get to work.

His wife grabbed him like a wild female. She began to suck on him, lick, caress the testicles with her hand, drive her nose along my scrotum. She licked the whole head and did not leave even a drop.

- Well done, go wash - I said and slapped her ass with my hand.

Lena jumped up and ran into the shower. She stopped for a moment in the doorway and said:

- Dima, I need only you, I do not want to see this Lesha anymore. I understood everything - and left.

- Do not hesitate, the procedure is not finished yet, - I shouted in order to spouse.

- Yes, love, ... I quickly - happily answered his wife already from the bathroom.

We didn't have Alex anymore.


I sat in a stuffy office, flipping through documents. The deputy head stood by and gave the next orders for new reports. I closed my eyes. It was hard for me to concentrate. The excitement was incredible.

- What happened? - Ivan Sergeevich looked at me.

“Excuse me, head something ...,” I made a face, “don't worry, I understood everything, I will do it in a couple of days,” I said, hoping that the deputy would finally leave the office.

“Phew, that's good,” I thought.

“Fine, wait,” the deputy muttered and looked at me again, “Filatov, look, if you can go to the doctor,” he said, patted me on the shoulder and left. I smiled at him.

"What is the only buzz." I was on the verge of ...

Suddenly, somewhere, the phone rang dully. I pushed my chair back and looked under the table.

- Well, is it better today? - a young employee Nastya asked me, who sat in my panties at my feet and caressed my head with a tongue, - now I have a minute, shhhh, - she whispered to me in a whisper and put a finger to her lips.

She opened her purse and took the phone.

- Hello, ... yes, dear, ... I will linger a little, ... yes, ... I need to finish an important report ..., - Nastya said and, by the way, ran her tongue at my member, - I love you too, ... I kiss, darling - Nastya hung up and, instead of her husband, kissed my penis.

I stroked her beautiful blonde hair. She sat with her legs apart. Her panties are completely wet and her nipples are swollen with excitement.

- Dmitry Anatolyevich, and maybe so? - She asked and began to lick me under the scrotum, one hand to move the skin on my penis, and the second - to caress between her legs, pushing the white little panties to the side.


Well, what did you want? I need to relax somehow. The doctor said stress was bad.

My wife wants a quick baby, and I love my wife and I am ready for everything for her!