One of the stories invented by me. All characters are fictional and any coincidence with people who actually live or have ever lived by chance.

A first-class summer morning ... It is a pity to spend such a good day on physical labor. But alas, relatives asked for help at the dacha. Well, you need to go, you promised. We need to come up with a plan for the evening and a good break away. But all this later, but for now the car and your favorite music. Leaving the city, I notice at the bus stop two girls. Less than me, 20 years old, and maybe less, who will understand them now. Figure, like, nothing in both, blonde and brown-haired. Brown-haired thin, hair under the square, the chest is small, but come down for dating. The blonde is more appetizing: the hair is braided in a braid, the chest is gorgeous, most likely trio. It was decided, we will take)) ... That is, to bring)

- Hi girls! Where are you going?

- Hello, we need to, and trains do not go, and the bus is delayed. Give a lift if not difficult. Oh please...

How I drove well.

- Yes, no question, let's go))

25 kilometers to go, there will be time to talk and see)). Brown-haired on the passenger. Short leather skirt cool ass and hips, nice face. I look at the blonde in the mirror. Somewhat larger than her friend. Long braid, blue eyes and bulging chest.

- And my name is Denis.

“Nadia, Lisa,” my companions say, starting with the brown-haired.

- Are you going for a walk or what matters?

- We wanted to take a walk, - smiles Nadya

I notice the interested look of the blonde Lisa in the mirror. Good start. We drove about 30 minutes, chatted about life.

I stop on the sidelines.

- Here, girls, delivered you in one piece.

- Thank you very much. Just how can we thank our cab driver? - begins to flirt Lisa.

- I won’t take any money, but if you don’t hurry, I know a good place.

“Why not,” my new friends agree.

10 minutes and we are in the forest on a good meadow. I bow down and kiss Nadia, with my left hand leading my leg upwards. She spreads her legs, stroking her pussy through the underwear. Nadia strokes my dick.

“Hey, they forgot about me,” Lisa takes offense in a joke.

- Let's get out of the car, I have a blanket in the trunk.

Lisa spreads the blanket and lies down, removing the outerwear. At this time Nadia and I are undressing, helping each other. Nadia stands with her back to me, stroking her breasts with protruding pointed papillae. Cock rests on her thigh. Lisa, lying on her back, stroking herself between her legs and watching us. Nadia turns to me and kneels. Holds the tongue over the entire length of the penis and takes the head in the mouth. The hand massages the testicles. I notice that during these couple of minutes of observation, Lisa was thoroughly aroused and is already flowing. The fingers of his right hand rubs the clitoris, and his left - pink swollen nipple. I pick up Nadia and carry on the bedspread. I lie on my back and alternately lick the girls. Nadia and Lisa kiss and stroke their breasts. Enough foreplay. I went into the vagina blonde. How cool. Nadia gets on all fours and exposes her pussy Lisa. It's time to change. Now Nadia licks the hole to her friend, and I fuck her from behind, standing on all fours. And the blonde soon appears to be finished, judging by the look and shouts. Nadia is good at language between the legs of her friend. Liza is shaking all over, and here begins an orgasm, juices splatter in the face of Nade. The girls get up and start sucking at me. The face of Nadia in the juices of Lisa. I will add my liquid soon. A wave of orgasm covers me sharply. Noticing anything around. What a bliss. Looking down on my new girlfriends. On the faces of both satisfied smiles and clots of my sperm. It's time to go. We put ourselves in order, collect clothes.

Drove the girls and drove on. But in vain went))