The famous doctor Mikhail Zagorodny finally gave birth to two twin girls. Having learned this, the first doctor in the city flew, as if on wings, on his merci to the maternity hospital to congratulate her spouse and newborns. They had been waiting for this solemn moment for a long time, but the well-known doctors in the city stubbornly hinted that the country children simply would not have. But Zagorodny, himself famous of famous doctors in this big city, simply did not believe his colleagues, hinting at their incomplete qualification in this matter. And now he could just spit his faithful friends in the face for a wrong prediction. Making the next rite of copulation, Mikhail Zagorodniy always muttered dreamily to himself: “Well, God, help the sinner. Let the wife give birth to me at least a girl. ” And here, here you are, someone clearly heard his moaning, and rewarded the doctor with twin girls. Bursting into the head doctor of the maternity hospital, Zagorodni laid ten thousand rubles in the form of an advance on his table, but the doctor, with pity, glancing at a happy friend, folded the money in half, walked over and slid this gift into the breast pocket of his jacket.

- What are you, Sergey ?! I am from the heart! ”The happy father cried out.

- I also congratulate you heartily, but this is not necessary ...

“Something is wrong?” Something flashed in the eyes of the lucky man and sank under his stomach.

“Nothing special, but I'll show you the photo now ...”

- Why do I need a photo? I want to look at the girls! ”A friend almost shouted.

- Will have time. They are still sleeping. And you sit down, here's a glass for you, - the doctor took two glasses from the buffet and a bottle of brandy from the refrigerator.

“We will triumph,” he said, raising his glass, but Zagorodny barely lifted his eyes from the photo, asked gloomily:

- Is it true, they?

- True, Misha! They…

- You are not kidding me?

- Well, what are you, Misha! Are such things joking?

- Hmm! And now what do we do?! - Michael began to cry a little.

- Let's think, Misha! The girls are healthy, and you see what curious faces they have, as if they learned a new world ...

“And what should I do about it?” Zagorodny pointed his finger at the photo.

- Let's think ...

- Not! I want to see them in kind. Come on! ”Mikhail got up with hatred, looking into his friend's eyes.

- Okay. As you say. Come on, only without hysterics! ”The doctor warned.

They entered a separate chamber, where there was only one double bed. Mikhail came up, took the sheets from the children and made sure that the doctor was right: in the twins, besides the female slits between the legs, small boys' pussy were sticking out from above ...

- Seryozha? Say Is it possible to fix it? ”He barely said, stunned by what he saw, dad-loser.

- Remove the tails?

- Of course. And who else?! - freaked out a friend.

- I think that while it is not worth doing. Complications may occur. Yes, and the necessary experience with us with such cases is almost zero. And generally speaking. Should I think about it now? We must do everything so that they survive. Now they are still weak. Let them grow up ...

- And where will they grow? In our kindergarten, school, institute? - this is the problem of problems. If he finds out the children, they will not be given a pass. Snapping ?! And how do they go to school to the toilet? This is a problem from the problems ...

“This is what we need to think about, and when they grow up, they will get stronger, then we will decide ...” answered Sergey, putting his hand on the shoulder of the poor father leaning towards the bed. They went to the next ward, where Sergey’s fabulous beauty Marina slept.

- We will not disturb her. Let him sleep. Then we will talk in the evening when there will be fewer people, ”said Sergey, dragging a friend, holding the sleeve of his jacket.

In the evening, when no one was around, Mikhail was quietly talking to his wife. Sergei was sitting next to me and thoughtfully looking out the window.

- When the weeping Marina calmed down, Sergey intervened in the conversation.

- I thought about this for a long time and came to the conclusion that Marina and her children should go to Germany to visit my friend Dr. Willy Koch. He has a special clinic for such children, then a school and a familiar doctor at the university who also promised to arrange children.

“And what about me?” Marina sobbed, holding onto her husband’s hand.

- Of course. And you will live nearby. This has already been decided, - Sergey answered firmly.

“What will my faithful do here without me?” Tears ran down the poor woman’s cheeks.

- We will define him as a doctor in our embassy, ​​- Sergey smiled.

“Is it so that I alone did not create such a thing with someone else?” Michael smiled pitifully.

- No, Misha, this is for your life to flow alongside your children. Well, and when the hour of X comes, we could make a joint decision on what to do with this extraordinary event. Do not look at me as a wolf, Misha, I say from the bottom of my heart, no one will leave you and your wife to the mercy of fate ...

On that and decided. When they arrived in Germany and Michael met with the famous Koch, he then thought, said:

- Is it worth it now to make a decision to remove the male ?. Think about it. Such an operation can be carried out later, when the girls reach the age of eighteen. And then, we should take into account their desire, which may not coincide with the desire of the parents, - the famous doctor firmly concluded.

... Eighteen years have passed. Masha and Dasha finished school and decided to enroll, following the example of her father, in a medical school. Eighteen blonde girls with blue eyes with a height of 173 centimeters, with a figure of 90-60-90 looked like beauties from the famous American cowboy movie. They flatly abandoned the operation, continuing to live bisexual creatures of nature. In the frame of the picture hanging on the wall of their room, an eye was inserted in advance, transmitting on the TV screen in the office of Professor Zagorodny all the details of their joint existence. The girls did not regret at all that there was such a man’s miracle between their legs and had sex with each other in those late hours when everyone was asleep in the apartment. Masha and Dasha were buzzing at night, which was not pleasant for their mother, who gave the word to bring them to normal people. Sometimes girls, while studying at university, did not sleep at night, which allowed them to share the most intimate erotic scenes with the guys, who were, as they said, without complexes. One day, a father, confident of the goodness of his daughters, found a flash drive in their bedroom desk, which he had secretly watched in his office. His hair began to move on his head when he saw one of the guys inserting a fat cock in his butt Masha into the butt, and the other guy sucking the sticking cock from her, and the third one just fucks her with an indifferent look right in his open mouth. This group sex so excited the man-frequenter of the secret parties that he realized that having two sexual organs instead of one is most tempting, if you use them wisely in such sexual games. At the same sex now Dasha repeated the same, which her father considered to be touchy, where his daughter repeated the same poses, holding out with the guys for ten minutes more than winning the bet, overtaking her sister. It was amazing that boys preferred male members on the body of girls than on boys. Father is extremely surprised and fascinated. With what pleasure his beautiful daughters had sex in group sex with boys of the most famous names in Germany. And when the mother somehow hinted to her daughters how to continue living with such “wealth” between her legs, they laughed, saying that the most famous grooms in Europe offer their heart and heart ... My father did not believe it and somehow privately hinted to Masha as sexier, that I would like to check it out ... The girl laughed, saying:

- Ok, daddy! Come at night to me, Dasha from the evening will go to Adolf to the country villa. I will show you everything, because I love you so much because you did not agree to interfere with our nature with Dasha ...

“When he experienced the first orgasm from her, he didn’t believe that the body of his beloved daughter seemed so pleasant to him, so soft, well-groomed, passionate and tender that he wanted to just marry her ...

“Is something wrong?” She asked when he got off her body.

- Not! Why so? Everything is as it was taught at school! ”The father laughed and pressed his lips to her wet, but such a favorite gap between the charming legs.

“And such a treasure will go to some idiot!” The father thought darkly. The daughter lingered a little on him, then moved to one side, her lips pressed to his wet cock.

- What for? Don't! - the father was startled ...

- No need! I want to thank your “boy” for bringing me to the light of day. And how could you and mom give Dasha and me such a mighty nature? Can you imagine? I can feel the desire not only from men, but also from women who are lining up when they hint to me about it. Not to mention men. Those need only say where and when, how they flock like a kite on prey.

“Can you do both a boy and a girl at the same time?” Asked the father.

- Of course! What's the question?

- In the place and time ...

- Dasha and I will agree, and you and mom, only without hysterics, will take a seat in the chairs in your office. There will be a movie you have never seen ...

- So they decided ...

The movie really turned out amazing. Especially when the guys sucked the girls' male members and kissed them between the legs in the women's slits. The magnitude of sexual feelings overshadowed the mind. Indeed, this can only be seen in a dream or an American cinema, if the Yankees decide to photograph such a sexual feat. Oh, ah, thin sighs and growl of brutal guys who roared at all when their partners changed places, but soon everyone merged again in the sweet agony of orgasms. Especially admired everyone when the film was viewed by a narrow circle of people, like girls wash their faces with sperm of men, showing it in their mouths, so that no one would doubt that this movie is not a linden, but a real life scene. The girls especially liked the way the boys take the sperm directly to the girls in tongues, and they obediently swallow it. Some people will say that there is nothing tasty in this, which in reality can cause nausea, but for some reason the girls who have taken this liquid do not refuse to actively repeat these scenes, explaining about their lustful attraction to the male, which broke out in the depths of their hearts, like them to females.

The girls almost simultaneously married the last year students of the university. They were promised very honorable places in one of the universities in Germany, where their father lectured to students about heredity and the participation of the human body in it. At twenty-two, the girls asked their father to provide them with normal heredity, since their caring husbands had already demanded reliable offspring from them.

When the girls turned to the father with this task, he only smiled, and then, on reflection, said:

- And then you will not regret?

“No!” The girls almost shouted at the same time and laughed.

In Russia, people are used to giving the promised things. Dad had to share the experience one more time. The girls got pregnant almost simultaneously. But what is strange. Husbands were in no hurry to show the parents of the girls their creative work, still purring in the baby carriages with two members of different sexes. Everyone was guessing who the girls were born like, but the disputes were different until the husbands of the girls decided to check their wives for their pedigree. The DNA figures unconditionally confirmed that the heredity of both granddaughters belongs to their famous grandfather. So Mikhail Zagorodniy distinguished himself twice on a sexual level in his difficult life ...

Edward Zaitsev. August 12, 2018 Sevastopol.