Good day, reader / reader! What you read further is a fragment of real correspondence. Virtual sex is beautiful and exciting.


Warm spring, probably April. We spend time in a large company of friends or just good friends. Perhaps it's someone's birthday. And none of those present knows that there is something between us.

We communicate, have fun, flirt with guys and girls, try to pretend that they are not interesting to each other. And only occasionally, I catch your look. Especially when you notice me dancing with some of the men present. Noticing that you are watching, I cling to the man tightly - our dance begins to go a little beyond the limits of decency.

But I'm not teasing him. And you.

Only you know that under a thin dress on me there is nothing but a thin bra and stockings on garters. I like that you are watching me, although a girl winds about you, aggressively trying to grab your attention.

There is no jealousy in your view, only interest, what will I do next? And yet ... Another memory slips, a light last night was gorgeous and I still feel the warmth of your fingers on my body, you taste my lips. From the surging excitement, I feel very hot and have nothing to breathe. I interrupt the dance and, having left the surprised partner, go out onto the veranda. I need fresh air and it is so good that there is no one around. I do not have to explain to anyone what the reason for the bashful blush on my cheeks. More precisely, in whom ...

Will you continue?


You gave me a mysterious look and left the room. I remembered how well we had the time at night, in a warm embrace. I wanted to look into your eyes, hug and kiss. Touch your skin. You were gone a couple of minutes and I started to get worried. Need to ask, is everything ok, suddenly that guy hurt you? I decided to look for you.

I quietly looked out on the veranda, you stood and looked out the window. Creeping up to you, I covered your eyes with your hands and kissed your neck.

Of course, you heard me, but you decided to play along and laughed. I started to laugh too, my hands shifted to your waist, you turned to me.

No one, we hear the muffled sounds of fun. I hold you ... kiss ... You warmly respond to a kiss. Passionately. Caressing lips, we weave tongues. Hearing your quiet moan, I start to forget and greedily shuffle through your body. You hold on harder, and my hand gently drops from waist to hip and starts crawling up again, but under the dress ...


Of course, I knew that you could follow me, but I was still surprised to hear the sound of your footsteps. You came from behind and, my neck doused with your hot breath. You are so close ...

From this childish: “Guess who?” I laugh, because it’s impossible not to recognize your hands.

I turn to you and you hold me tight.

My body melts in your arms. There is no other world besides where we are alone. All external sounds are heard as if through a column of water.

In the twilight of the veranda, I see your eyes and smile. Second and you kiss me. I dissolve in our kiss. So hot and passionate. The warmth of your fingers, which I feel first through the fabric of the dress, the lace of the stockings, and then, finally, on my skin, responds with a wave of excitement in my body. You lead me, forcing me to take a step back to the window and sit on the windowsill. Gently lift my knees and press even harder.

I feel your heartbeat. Your hands wander under the dress, teasing, you walk with your fingertips over your chest, line of ribs, go down ... Goose bumps run through your body. I tear away from your lips and exhale: “They can come in at any moment.” You laugh and kiss me even tighter.

I stroke your shoulders, bury my fingers in my hair, bite my lips ... Your tremor is transmitted to me, pouring out into a single desire - to erase all boundaries, dissolve in a caress without remaining and belong to you ...


When I made my way under the dress, I understood - you do not have clothes on. It affected me more than the notorious red cloth acts on the bull. I felt the delicate skin of your buttocks and thighs, squeezed and gently stroked your elastic and so desired body. I forgot where I am, I forgot who I am, and that we can be caught.

I just want you, I want crazy.

I put you on the windowsill and snuggled up. Snuggled in to make you feel what my reaction to you. He kissed, slowly and gently, and then he dug his lips into you. Oh, those lips, sweet and tasty, kiss, lick, and all is not enough for me! ... Control? What could be the control, next to such a girl?

In my head there are fragments of thoughts: "undress ... caress ... take ... bring to madness ..."

I hardly forced myself to break away from you, made half a step back. How are you hot! Gently but firmly touched the inside of your thigh and slowly slid higher, carefully looking into your eyes ...


- I hope I bring you today.

- Mmm ... Minx, I'm sorry you're at work.

- Well, well ... From this place more, please. While I think over my move.

- I would like you to bring yourself too, but you are at work ... Maybe let's continue the game another time. I do not want to "bring" myself, sunshine.

- Everyone is sleeping, and the office is locked. I would not start the game if I had not had the opportunity to bring myself. This is a favorite sleeping pill.

- Not a word more, continue!


I throw one leg on your thigh, opening access ... Your fingers burn with fire, it seems that there are traces on the skin. Inside, everything turns over and freezes, waiting for your caress. You are so close that I feel the strength of your flesh through the fabric of the trousers. If only you knew how much I want you! All thoughts are about you! So I want to touch you There. What I do not forget to hotly whisper in your ear.


My palm tends to your hidden flesh, I feel like you are trembling at my touch. I stroke your hips, massage. Only occasionally, as if by chance, I touch your gentle and alluring girlfriend.

I was glad to hear your whisper. My friend has long asked for freedom and affection.

Listening carefully, that we are definitely alone, I think what to do. A chair catches my eye. I prop the door to them - now we will not interfere for sure. I’m close again and I kiss you even bolder and more assertive, asking if you want to continue.


I look into your eyes, put my hand on the trouser belt and begin to slowly unbutton it: “Stop me if you want.”

Stop it?


No, I am interested to know what you have in mind.


I unbutton my pants, - your underwear is the last barrier on my way. But I'm not in a hurry. Watching your reaction, stroking you through the fabric. Your breath quickens, you cover my hand and squeeze. You can not wait. Like me, but so nice to torture and tease you.

I whisper in your ear, nibbling my lobe: "Tell me, what should I do next?"


Oh, your bites ... You know my weakness. I know what you are driving at, but I have a few other plans. Your pleasure comes first.

I decide to remove the pants so as not to interfere. Oh, and the picture would be from the side. It is good that we are safe and we have quite a lot of time. In the corner, I spotted a chair, which is not so hot which piece of furniture, but I must cope with the task. I put you on a chair and kiss your knee, then the second. I so much want to make you nice! I start moving kisses higher ...

What should I do next?


All you want is the sun!


I rise with kisses above. What are your beautiful legs! I'm ready to burst with excitement!

The closer I am to the cherished goal, the wider you are spreading the legs. Yes! I want to ...

caress you!

I lightly pull up your dress, kiss the tummy, then throw your leg on my shoulder and press my mouth to your sex lips. Fireworks in my head. I gently kiss you there. You are wet. It's so nice. And delicious ...

I alternate kisses and caress language. I try not to rush, to find the pace and pressure that you enjoy most. I'm crazy about you. Finding the pace, I connect a finger. How good and hot in you! You start podmahivat slightly, it means I'm on the right track ...


I stroke your hair, run your fingernails over your head, your back ... It’s so humid and hot downstairs, it’s so nice to feel your fingers, tongue, lips ... You are incredible, and you do everything the way I want! Like you hear my thoughts!

Your movements are getting a little faster and more amplitude - I bend to your tongue ... Through a moan you hear: "Please, do not stop, I feel so good ..."


This is incredible ...

Hear your moan, feel your reaction. I plan to bring you to orgasm!

I want to feel your convulsions, revel in your pleasure. I introduce the second finger in you. Squeezing them tightly together, I quickly move them in you. It seems you like even more. I do not forget about the language. I diligently lick you, devoting a lot of time to your pea. My tongue is dancing with her a dance of passion ...

I know that you are already at the limit. And I think you are ready to have an orgasm.


I'm going crazy about your affection. You're driving me ...

The whole body is shaking, as if not a strong discharge of current. The world narrowed to one point on my body. With every moment, my pleasure increases, until a wave of pleasure bordering on pain covers me. I bend in your hands, my body trembles, you feel with your fingers, muscles inside are reduced ... As lubricants and juices become even more ... In my head there are flashes of light, and consciousness begins to fade.


Feeling your climax, your cuts, I sharply reduce the pace and pressure, but do not stop caress. With great pleasure, I kiss you further. Accompany your orgasm. It was wonderful, do not want to break away from you. I'm starting to stroke your body. You look at me and smile. I hug and kiss your lips.

It was wonderful, I am proud that I could bring you. You are wonderful!


This heat spreads through the body. I cling to you and freeze in your arms, responding to your tender kiss. So strange and exciting, to feel your taste on your lips.
You take me in your arms and sit yourself in a chair.


I hope it will sustain two.

My body is still shaken by the echoes of the pleasure you have given and you feel it.

I look into your eyes, at your smile, sensual lips ...

You are beautiful, my sunshine! Especially when excited.

Yes, at this moment you are only mine. At least for a moment ...

I kiss you in the neck, collarbone, unbutton your shirt and go down with kisses on your chest, stomach ...


I stroke your body, your back. I feel your heat and enjoy your kisses.


The chair cracked plaintively and sagged slightly. However, it survived. It has no right to let us down!


I am getting lower and lower. Touch your tense cock. First through the fabric, but after hearing your breath, finally, I release it. You've been waiting for this for so long!

I put my palm over it, clasping it and gently sliding my fist from bottom to top. What a pleasure it is to feel such stone hardness under soft, hot skin.

I stoop and run the tongue over the head, trying to taste a drop of your grease.


Oh yes, you touched his tongue and all the muscles tightened! I am very excited. Yes, you see it yourself, looking into my eyes and feeling how my penis is pulsing in your hands.


I continue to gently and gently touch you with my tongue, guiding them around the bridle, circling around the head. You wrap my hand in your hand, suggesting a pace.

Understanding that you are already on the verge. I stop pulling away our hands.

I kiss the space around with kisses, but not touching your flesh, as if ringing from excitement. I give you the opportunity to cool down a bit and prolong the pleasure.
I kiss your hips, abdomen, clear hair lines ...

And I will not touch him until you ask me about it! ..


I take you by the chin and kiss your lips. And then whisper: "Please continue."


I look into your eyes and smile slyly: "What exactly is to continue?"


Continue to caress a member, sweet. He was very pleased. Please kiss him.


I kiss your sweet lips and go back to your dick. I immerse it in my mouth, caress the tongue, gradually increasing the pace.


Yes, the perfect pace. I lightly stroke your head. How nice I am! Go on, I'm ready to finish and keep the last effort.


- Are you really masturbating now?

- Yes and no. I am covered with a strong wave of excitement, heat ... The whole body is stretched like a string. I can maintain this state by squeezing the muscles inside (the same as the Kegel exercises), but I will caress myself after we finish. Because after an orgasm, most likely, I will immediately fall asleep. And now I want to feel your hands on my body ...


I take it deeper into my mouth. That swallowing entirely, then caressing the tongue only the head. I feel your pulsation ...


I hold back an orgasm with incredible efforts. Your caress is gorgeous. In the ears ring. I know I'm coming. I know that there will be a lot of sperm. The voice inside me persuades to finish in your mouth. But I came to my senses. Maybe next time. You, as if having guessed thoughts, move faster and try to take deep. But I still find the strength to get a member out of your lips and cum aside from your beautiful face and dress ... This explosion, this powerful concussion, is a few seconds of pure concentrated pleasure ... I exhale, smile happily and embrace you .

The party was a success!


- Thank you, I really liked our fantasy. Well, or notes for the future.

- You are a bomb. And now, please, have fun. I will balance on the edge and will not bring myself until you say that you have reached orgasm.


- Now it's your turn, honey.


- Thank you for a wonderful evening-night, see you soon!