I will tell you the incident that happened to me on New Year's Eve. We met a girl four years and got married a year ago, and we have been living in a separate apartment together for half a year. Her mother often came to us, and there will be a story.

From the moment I met a girl and her mother, I realized that I want them both. Mom's name is Natalya N, she was 53 years old with her husband, she divorced as early as 1997, of short stature with short-cut brown hair, glittering eyes, a small straight nose, plump lips. I paid special attention to the chest, despite its short stature, the size of the breast of the third and fourth. A small tummy, a small ass and beautiful always smooth legs. When my wife and I came to her house, I sometimes noticed that she was wearing a dressing gown and her nipples were sticking out through him. She sat on the sofa and tucked her legs under the ass and then my eyes opened part of her ass in panties, from this all my dick started to get up. I decided to act, then inadvertently somehow in the aisle between the kitchen and the room at a meeting to cuddle up to her bottom. Once she asked to come to help hang the curtains, I thought it was a chance, my wife stayed at home to do business, and I went to see my mother-in-law, went to the house she was still wearing the same robe. I took the stepladder, put it in front of the window, she climbed on it, Natalia N put one leg one step higher than the other and started hooking the hinges on the curtains, her ass was on the level of my face, I just sat down and saw white lace panties on it and between the legs is the tubercle of her vagina covered with panties from under which something where hairs stuck out. From this view, my dick stood up with a stake and treacherously bulged out of his pants, I miraculously resisted so as not to pull off her panties and run the tongue there. While the mother-in-law hung up curtains like that she got up that the stairs shrank she screamed and that she did not fall I caught her under the ass so that the thumbs fell between the buttocks and I felt what her hot pussy was, and immediately released her. The member stood with a stake, Natalya N finished hanging the curtains, I removed the stepladder and sat on the sofa specially spread her legs so that she saw the member sticking through her pants, but no reaction followed. We drank tea and I went home frustrated. There were many similar stories and none of them followed.

Like at home on the eve of the new year, I found a sleeping pill in the medicine chest left over from the old owners. Shelf life is not over, I thought - and why not. We decided to celebrate the New Year at our home in three of me, my wife and mother-in-law. In advance, I powdered three sleeping pills into powder, divided it in half and hid it in the kitchen.

December 31, the wife prepares treats on the table. The mother-in-law came and took off a sheepskin coat, under it was in a translucent blouse, from under which was visible a black lace bra. Bottom strict black tight skirt just above the knees and black nylon pantyhose. Natalia N went to change, and went to help his wife to cook. In the meantime, I took the phone charge to the room where the mother-in-law would have to sleep. It was already time to sit down at the table, laid, everything changed. Sat down at the table my wife and mother-in-law began to drink martini, and I brandy. By 12 o'clock at night, they had already drunk two thirds of a liter bottle of martini, and both were drunk. Under the chiming clock, they drank a glass of champagne. We continued to watch TV, eat, drink alcohol and talk. Where by one o'clock the bottle of martini was over and the wife offered to drink tea, to him a small cake was bought from us. I volunteered to go to the kitchen, as the most sober. He poured all the tea, poured sleeping pills, put some sugar, stirred it and carried it to the room, went for a cake. We ate a piece of cake and drank tea, the wife said that something she got drunk and I made out the bed. She washed her face and went to bed. Natalya N drank tea at that moment and went to bed. I also lay down next to my wife and continued to watch TV, everyone fell asleep. After some time, I started to molest my wife to check how hypnotic acts, but all my attempts were useless, she slept deeply. I got out of bed and went to the mother-in-law's room, turned on the light and started looking for a phone charge, thundering everyone in the row, no reaction from the mother-in-law. Shook her shoulder gently, again no reaction. Well, I thought everything, you are mine. The member in shorts began to strain, I turned off the light, took it out of the briefs, the member was already in full force. The mother-in-law lay on her side facing the edge of the bed, covered with a blanket, I slowly pulled off my clothes. Natalia N slept in a black old stretched topic on a naked body and panties. I gently touched my hand to my chest through the topic and began to stroke it, then I ran my hand under the topic and started gently pulling at my breasts and nipples, they began to swell, my mother-in-law did not react, the member in my left hand was torn from the strain, I thought a little bit more and all the sperm accumulated over four days Natalia splashes out on the face and chest. I lifted up the top chest breast struck me in all its glory, of course it is not the same chest that was 20 years ago, but it retained its shape with brown round nipples sticking out to the slightest bit, touched it with a tongue and began to pull one other nipple , gently knead their hands, mother-in-law only quietly snuffled with her mouth ajar, the member did not relax for a second. I thought if I didn’t stop, it would tear me apart. I got up from my knees, took the penis in my right hand, wetted the head of the penis with saliva and began to gently podrachivat them and lead on the plump lips mother-in-law, tried to enter them deeper into the open mouth, nothing came out, my mouth was a little slightly ajar and interfered with my teeth, I continued to drive them on the lips, podrachivaya it, I felt that I was finishing, stopped, squeezed a member of the hand, so as not to fill the mother-in-law with sperm, sent the head of the member of the mother-in-law in the right corner of the lips, slightly weakened the hand and sperm with a small stream flowed into her mouth, down lips and pillow. The trickle was over, I still had a lot left, I thought, let go of the member, the mother-in-law again did not react at all, just smacked her lips and swallowed the sperm like saliva. I gently wiped the sperm from her lips with a finger of my left hand, continued stroking her chest, lowered my hand to my tummy, began stroking her lower over my panties, legs, put my hand into my panties, everything was in my hair and very hot, tried to penetrate my fingers deeper , legs did not allow to do this, she lay on her side, from this member was again torn from the tension. I decided to put it on my back, gently turned my mother-in-law, and now she was already sleeping with her head on a pillow with a batten top, with an open chest and panties. I climbed onto the bed and started kissing the breast again, kneading them, pulling at the protruding nipples, kissing the tummy, went down to the panties, lowered them lower, kissed the pubis, stroked the legs, slowly moving my nose into the perineum, there is such a pleasant little salty smell of a female vagina, from it in a head has grown turbid. I already spread my legs wide enough, pressed my hand through the panties to her pussy there it was very hot, pushed the panties to the side and felt her moisture, imagine what she dreamed of that night, the pussy was all wet, the sponges were swollen slightly sticking to the side, I started there is a tongue, taste has driven me crazy. I comfortably settled at the mother-in-law between her legs, so that her pussy was in front of my eyes, and the member touched her legs. Holding the panties on my side with my hand, I began to caress her tongue, pulling the tongue with my tongue, licking it, running my fingers between my lips, running the tongue in my chest, it was very narrow. But she only occasionally quietly moaned. I am even more excited by this. The son-in-law is fucking his wife's sleeping mother. I squatted on one leg of the mother-in-law lying between my legs, took the penis in my hand and started to masturbate, tried to get into the pussy but could not get out, I was afraid to wake her up. I didn’t have to wait for a long time, I started shaking and again squeezed my penis from what I’d finished, moved my panties to one side, spread her wet sex lips with my fingers and loosened my dick, splashed a stream of sperm directly onto my mother-in-law's lips, the second stream sperm hit right in the bosom and flowed down the pope. I collected cum with my fingers until all the panties were soaked with it and went for wet wipes. He took the napkins, went into the room, and my beloved mother-in-law was already lying on his stomach with his face in the pillow, I again slammed her, sleeping soundly. From behind, he put his hand under it and rubbed traces of sperm, rubbed his ass. I wanted more and finally to fully finish, and not to lower a little bit. I again ran my hand between my legs, ran my fingers between my mother-in-law's lips, teased my clitoris with my finger, entered my finger as deeply as possible with my index finger, there is so narrow a feeling that she hadn’t been fucked for five years, she was dripping again, her panties were completely wet. I bent down, pulled even lower panties began to kiss the buttocks, led tongue between them, the member stood up. Immersed in her bosom fingers, they immediately became wet, ran those fingers between the buttocks and between the legs, there it was all slippery. I moved the mother-in-law's legs together, climbed on top of her, so that her legs were between my legs, put my hand on the bed, and the second sent a member between the buttocks, he easily went between them, rested his head against the labia, felt how they moved apart, and my member, millimeter by millimeter, enters the mother-in-law, it is squeezed tightly by the walls of the vagina, it shakes me, and now I have entered the head with it. My mother-in-law snarled softly, I made some short pushes in my eyes dimmed, I began to shake and I began to cum straight into her bosom, the walls of the vagina began to shrink, I filled it with sperm. When I finished getting my dick out of my mother in law, some time later, sperm began to flow out of it, I collected it with a napkin, pulled my panties in place, straightened the topic and covered it with a blanket and went to bed.

In the morning I was scared to wake up, the first wife got up, went to wash and drink coffee, then the mother-in-law, and then I got up. He came to the kitchen, they sat talking about something, I suddenly wished good morning as if nothing had happened. To which the mother-in-law replied that she had a headache and invited me to the table. I don’t know if she suspected something or not, but the relationship remained at the same level, at Christmas she was again at a party. But that day, despite her sore head, her eyes glittered and she walked contentedly.

PS I decided to write a story for the first time, do not judge strictly, I just really wanted to share it with someone, but you can’t tell your friends about it.