Salute, dear reader. If you're going to read beautiful fictional tales o fictional adventures and beautiful love or astonishing sex joy you are not here. This is a true story that happened to me at the end of January 2019. I was once again plunged into the world of Moscow paid sex. Has turned the whole "No Bad" I usually had an orgasm and squirted his seed, the lady also pleasantness experienced, but I will not say that the desire to come again to her I am.

! Promiscuous Tiger — Anal Zhar — ptitsa! *** OR ***! Vanessa afanasevna Bucca WAITING for YOU! ***

*** I Abucha soul, ***
*** You ride me slowly! ***
*** Hell your passionate cook, and ***
*** In ass I push your love! ***
*** Accuracy my hole ***
*** Member, put at the very bottom! ***
*** I'll be in the passions of yelling ***
*** member of the holes will be jumping! ***

That kind of advertising this sex worker was waiting for me at me at the largest Moscow site erotic services... the site Name will not speak, who should, he knows. A pickup to give chase and radish — thank you. I dreamed about her night and day, thought about her at work and at home, I downloaded ee photos to your computer, printed them out and hung them in a Golden frame as the most expensive, but at the same time, unknown to me living biological object. I was in love with her like crazy and could not decide in what style to write her a Serenade. Probably a bard song in the style of Grushinsky festival flavored post-punk and grindcore most... Shyutka! I went to her only for the reason that did not get through on the first four I selected the questionnaires, a fifth lady (a certain "Bella"), to which I snapped from my Lyubertsy in Vykhino, took off from work because it was too late. A fucking vychinski the cold at nine o'clock in the evening, at the end of his mother, Jan, agreed with Vanessa "stichaeidae" so I waited and went to this unknown creature on the street of Marshal Vasilevsky, located in the vicinity of the station Schukinskaya.

There is need to clarify on what basis I was looking for women. The parameters I drove such and such age not less than 30, Cooney, and preferably toys without surcharges. Of those that went on this principle I tried to choose not skinny, faye called in the body and those whose photos were more similar to the real, not forced photoshopguy negarakuku... I like vulgar and coarse profiles, as Vanessa has, as they prefer without complexes.

To anal the Firebird Vanessa pulled because... well, fuck knows why. Don't like "decent" ladies with the forms. Pay courtesy to love me completely useless. A here, and very nice it was like. I need a woman without complexes... Parameters of ee were as follows









Size clothing


Shoe size


The price is 2000. Natural pictures that pleases. Looking ahead, completely untrue. The priest was good with Vanessa.

To Vasilevsky arrived without incident. Amused fashion victims of a certain male that was riding in rolled trousers, with naked ankles. It's even for me, a Siberian origin overwhelming. However, he is not alone, the youth today is not that takes.

"Contacts per hour: unlimited.

***! All the most promiscuous and aims to be included in the cost of the promiscuous contact of sexual intercourse! ***"

This is again from anketki our heroine.

I am so depressed this January that fuck more than one contact tortured. The main thing — to prolong the pleasure and not cum immediately.

"Just me

I Ebocka soul

Fuck You all slowly!"

Well, that would be great...

Damn topographical cretinism... He not once let me down in life, but here in the locations I quite confidently understood, it is a fact... Only the desired case is found among houses N nadybal immediately. But for me fast in fact, fifteen minutes of fast running by January, ill that day removed from snow Schukinskaya district and I'm here. He feared that putanesca leave the tavern ahead of time, me waiting, so was in a hurry. Been here from the start I knew what was waiting for me. With a probability of 99 salon. It points to the price and characteristic of the salons of "fun" as announced which you can see above, dear reader... I was not the first time I go to the girls website and saw a similar Attraction in the public questionnaires, with similar characteristics ladies... Ironic, but true. What like should indicate Individualnosti indicates the subordinate is "institution". There is still cabin in the questionnaire tend to answer some monotonous poem on all the comments. Our Bucky was such

Thank you with all my heart, o I remember You! *** I want You, come, You gently caress! ***

If it was a positive comment.
Well a if the rating was red, not green-

I apologize for myself and for my mistakes! *** It makes me sad that to please You could not, And that is critical I the level of estimates received! *** I promise to continue, since will give me a chance, I kneel before You justify! *** You all like it, approve of me, I will give us a good mood! ***

Salons compose his subordinates not outstanding special artistic merit of those poems and use them as drawing attention to the questionnaire. Classic.
Up to the fourth floor I waited when I open... Opened by a woman who, frankly looked even older than his listed 46. I do not like scare me quite popular with the ladies in age. She was in a blue robe, not very presentable o mind and took me into a room where was a bed and two chairs... We were separated from other "offices" only a partition in the form of curtains, a bed served as the unfolded sofa.

We undressed her at the same time, putting the armor on different chairs. It is a pity that this exciting moment of getting rid of clothes many prostitutes are doing purely mechanical. Including today's my "victim". A because if to do it effortlessly, like the Striptease, for example, and the client to initiate and time a little pull. And the process will go better.: Well, the kind of people we men excites us clothing the naked female body. But not only the body itself, as it is present. Charisma, charm, charm, sexuality is there are things that the formula language can not be measured... A dull adjourned the bra and panties and getting a two Grand looked inquiringly at the client's... Interesting detail — it is during our "Dating" never asked me my name. Most prostitutes I have still peddling that kind of stuff. Yeah, all except for one ee predecessor I has started to Cooney. I love doing kunecke ladies, because it is fun for me and for her. Feel how they get Horny as they pleasure you, taste and smell their pussies... And when you ee... warm up With Vanessa Ebuchi Cooney was worthy! She quickly got excited and began to flow... I settled on the couch so that dick was on it. And quickly moved to the erection itself. During Cooney several times I rubbed her penis o him, and it was enough that I was on the verge of ejaculation... But to finish ahead of time I certainly I did not want to... When I looked up mizunoya female sex services, she asked me to continue, saying that she was pleased. And I succeeded, apparently... With a loud voice Vanya began to probiratsya to orgasm, which apparently was close... If you, dear reader think beyond was staggeringly beautiful climax and reached orgasm, Madame, then frankly, you're wrong... I ...

this hour was selfish, because I paid for it... I wanted to "inject" myself..

— You don't want Cuny to do, want to fuck?


In General, Vanessa is not one of those who culuture helluva lot of talking. "Fuck," "cunt," fuck" etc. it's her most often used buzzwords, apparently. One of my ex was the same and when dealing one on one it was a plus for me. That's only when she spoke to is not very close to us humans in the same language, it is spoken, it is a friendly fight, I somehow doubted a whether ee to slow down Maleh, a I obchestvo Philistine is not very positively perceived. The girl must be lady-juedi and similar stereotypes, their mother's leg, which are imposed by society.

I did not insert in her pussy, a chose to finish otherwise. I asked her to lie on his right side, a he began to RUB against his ass ee unit. At the same time I was gently stroking the chest of this hot prostitute, not forgetting the belly with the pussy... She became my podmahivat pelvis toward my body. Although I liked ee jagodichki, for fans of Mature women are fantastic, but the excitement I had is not the same... When caressed ee was vozbuditelei. However, specifically delaying the moment I have finally splashed out, splashing her back and the sheets... No, it didn't stop there... I decided with Cuny to bring to orgasm Vanessa. Love giving ladies pleasure, you know, and believe that she is worthy to her to make nice... And I have almost managed to reach the final point! At least she flowed profusely and ee sweet moans on imitation does not look like... Well, it's time to say goodbye "Vanessa" (I don't like the way this ee alias)..

When I stomped into the shower I was waiting for another discovery... I saw the other character that interested me even in the summer of 2018 questionnaires. She passed from room to room in a black bodice and Thong. At that time I was interested in her I was thousands of miles from Moscow, I'm not always in Lyubertsy live, legwork are the place to be and I thought I could come down if the mood... It's none other than "Alice Wonderland anal"... despite the fact that she was allegedly anketka 49 — three years older than "Vanessa" she looked much better and younger looking. With ee appearance was far below the age to claim 38 for example — it is quite similar. A fact, on the website sometimes these mammoths ourselves in a thirty-year record that Alisonke Satan himself ordered..

Profile Alice also made a custom that is already there..

"O priest — my ass,
Anal born to my h. u. I!
Hard I seek it,
Humble. h. u. th your!
From the passion I will shout,
A you got me into anal sex tear!

Want to lick, suck, swallow,
And ass all his to give!
Ready cum I eat
And in the ass too!
The whole body gently cling to You,
Prick Your palerno!

I lust after adventure
With me you'll be in Paradise!
Spread legs I'm cumming,
Jump like a squirrel on h. u. Yu!
I swallow Your cum,
I am a woman of a noble — We're in heaven!"

Better than Vanessa has written to me. I kind of like it... next time maybe talk on the phone with her. Before leaving, many have received from me petting below the waist Milf asked me to give her positive ratings, comments, etc after the question of "Like"?, I replied in the affirmative..

— Still waiting, sweet!

I believe in Jesus Christ
I believe in Gautama Buddha
I believe in the prophet Muhammad
I believe in Krishna, I believe in Garuda

I believe in Jesus Christ
I believe in Gautama Buddha
I believe Jah, I believe JHA
I believe in Jah and will believe

When I got home, more precisely in Lyubertsy, where I am temporarily based, heard the hit "rock" from the boys playing near the station Vykhino. No their efforts, I have not monetized... I'm not always and not with all the generous, good Lord..

Moscow prostitutes — the field where I always want the new and unknown. In terms of choice of girls in terms of sex experiments, even perversions... So new month of February, new fucking horizons... With girls, with whom I have sex in the usual way, not in a commercial I'm still somewhat restrained For this... and I need representatives of the oldest profession. Thank you for everything Vanessa Bucca, my next page in the list of my sexual partners.