it happened in the fall. My friend's mom was alone in the apartment.

Her name was Sveta, G. a Little about her appearance. Very slender sweet Mature figure, taut small Breasts 2 sizes, slender long legs, cute face Russian mother single with a small admixture of Jewish genes.

She was cleaning. at this time I went to the intercom I dialed his apartment, she picked up the phone and asked who it was I said that I came for her son Vanya because we agreed to go to the gym. she opened the door for me and told me that Vanya had not yet come from the tutor. I asked her if I could wait for him in their apartment ,to which she said - of course, but warned me that she was cleaning.climbing up to the 9th floor, where the apartment I rang the bell, mother of Ivan aunt Sveta opened the door for me.

aunt light opened the door for me and appeared in front of me in a very sexy outfit, light home women's robe, breast apron, which usually wears a cleaning lady, neatly cleaned hair beautiful makeup that it wore even at home I told her Hello, Anna told me hi, Vanya hi I'm not earlier than 2 hours, you can go sit at the computer or watch TV, you want to eat asked the room I told her that I'm not hungry and that I'll go watch TV, Anna said well, if you want something to eat come to me tell me I said okay, Anna smiled softly at me and said well then I will continue to clean up, I went to the hall turned on the TV channel TNT went some TV series about Horny teenagers I switched the TV on the other was a movie about the mating of wild animals, I switched to the music channel where just sang Shakira, what to do with pleasure would one of his beautiful white cock, from how Shakira moved on the screen my dick began to get up I even started to crumple through his pants,Vanina mom cleaned the other room, I heard the sounds of a vacuum cleaner., I was very excited that I am with a Mature young beautiful woman, the mother of my friend, in one apartment, alone, on TV there was another sexy clip where the girls shook their Asses under the clockwork rhythm, I put my hand in my pants, already started to masturbate my rising tennis dick me all this was very exciting, I liked to realize that I d**** on the couch where my friend's mother sleeps on some clip when typed in the next room no one can stop me., I was already so excited that I decided to get a dick out of his pants to start masturbating in the open, I got so into the taste that I did not notice how aunt Sveta went into the hall and saw me holding in his hand his stone riser, I was scared, did not know how to react, but Vanya's mother helped me find a way out of this situation and told me: I wanted to offer you tea, pretending not to see that I masturbate my thick cock, I was excited even more, I said of course aunt Sveta I want tea. she said I'd call you with a beautiful smile. - I said OK and sighed,thinking that some sort of cancer she didn't understand what I was doing. And although I hid his cock in his pants, he continued to stand, and after 5 minutes aunt light called me to the kitchen to drink tea, going there - I was stupefied, my friend's mother was sitting in front of me sexy dress with a large neckline, where it was very clear that under it there is no bra. She said sit down, and I sat across from her, she offered me a variety of Goodies in the form of candy, cookies, while I was drinking tea, looked at me when I finished my tea, aunt Sveta put her hand on my knee and asked me, have you ever had sex, I said no, she said - I can fix it, but just promise you won't tell my son that you put your dick in his mother's vagina when she said she put her hand on my cock and kissed me on the lips, after a kiss she said that for a long time wanted me, saying these words she had unzipped my fly.. In the end, she took my cock out, then on her knees she climbed under the table, and smiling, licked his tongue the head of my cock, at this moment I almost finished with the realization that I am now otymeyu mother of his friend right in his apartment, and she at this time kissed my cock lips, and began to suck him passionately, aunt light tried to give me great pleasure,and I, having entered the taste, began to stick her head on his cock,and I felt that she likes it, this action lasted almost 7 minutes.then, Then she got up off her knees and told me, help me to undress, and we started kissing, at the same time I put my hand in her panties that have long been wet, apparently she also liked to realize that she is given to a friend of his son, through the top, I took off her dress, she appeared in front of me completely naked, my cock became even harder, as I thought under the dress was missing a bra, and her Breasts are already filled with juices excitement, she told me, you can do with me whatever you want, I allow you everything without wasting time, I threw her on the kitchen table, spread her vagina and shoved his stone cock, I heard moans, because he began to fuck her harder and stronger,and after 4 minutes of such sex, I heard a loud cry, she experienced a strong orgasm,and from her vagina flowed liquid,apparently my friend's lonely mom was absent for a long time real sex, I raised from the table, and continued to fuck on the weight, kissing on the lips.they say in short, I fucked her in various poses throughout the apartment, I invented the most lascivious positions, whispered rough words in her ear , said that she was my whore,said that she would suck me even in front of her son, because my brain exploded with excitement. I told her to get ready for me to cum inside her because I didn't want to take my dick out of her warm, ratty vagina. in the end, I and she lay down on the bed and son, I continued to fuck her in the vagina right on the spot where usually lies the head of her son, I fucked her so 2 minutes and eventually felt - I cum, cock convulsing began to pour into her vagina streams of fresh sperm, at the same time she experienced another orgasm. when I came, I kissed her,said she was the best friend's mother I knew, then got up, and gave her a lick of his cock from the remnants of sperm. she was practically unconscious after we had sex .Seeing her condition, I came up with another thing, I decided to debauch in full, and took a spoon in the kitchen, came up to you light, which is still lying on the bed of my friend, spread her legs, and began to get a spoon of his sperm from her vagina, generally fed her a plate of porridge, for her husband,for me,for my son,then I took her hair, dragged to the toilet, and peed on her face,putting her head to the toilet. Giving to lick her cock from urine, I went with her to the shower. soon had to come Vanya, I bathed in the bathroom with my aunt Sveta, or rather we washed each other, I washcloth rubbed her vagina, and she rubbed my balls with a sponge, licked my cock with a tongue and sponges,and after such water treatments she and I changed into the same clothes in which we were, then we lay down on the sofa to watch TV, waiting for his arrival, until he heard the call,Vanya returned from the tutor, and we again began to play their roles, she is a mother, caring and loving, I'm his friend.Just before leaving, when I was wearing shoes, aunt Sveta came up to me, kissed me on the lips, and she told me to come whenever you want, now your friend's mom will be an available girl for you,and she gave me her wet panties,which I pulled down when I took off her dress...

P. S

this is how it happens when you come to your friend to negotiate with him about going to the gym,and in the end instruct him to fuck his mother:))