It was a student thing. We with Sasha still then met.

Once Sasha got the call to shift with couples and spend the day together. We walked for a long time, drank coffee and in the evening we came home to Sasha.

Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang. This came each Dima. Dima knew not so well, because he studied at the border and for a long time could not appear in the city.

We sat, drank and began to talk on intimate topics. I do not know why, but my nipples are so hardened and swollen that they could not see only blind. My Sasha saw this picture smiled and pressed his lips to the papillae directly through the t-shirt.

Gentlemen!!! I almost with shame not burned in front of Dima, but alcohol was taking its toll. Somehow sent Sasha to sleep, laid, and told Dima that it was too late and it was time to leave. On that followed question:

- do you want me to continue that Sanya is not finished?

It was like a motherfucker, how could he!!?? What Dima came over to me and clung to me with his lips and fingers took on the clitoris and lips..

Oh nooo!!! Feeling like losing control, I spread my legs and felt the fingers of Dima in all wielded in my vagina, I'm flowing, terribly flowing.. I start moaning, but Dima is not going to stop.

He took me in his arms and moved me to the sofa, spreading my legs, he knelt down and began to gently lick my pussy. Leading the lips, then Clit, then tongue entering the vagina.. Kapets, I didn't control myself, I moaned, I was trembling.. How cool!!!! I felt a stone member of Dima, when he awoke and got on my knees and he pulled them out of his pants his instrument..

Oh my God!!! His cock is bigger than my Sasha's.. I eagerly began to swallow his cock, driving his tongue over the head and licking his testicles.. Dima moaned, I saw how he ran into it and it turned me on even more.

After oral sex Dima put me on the coffee table, once again lick my pussy, he put his huge body in my current pussy... I'm shocked.. As he was pounding!!! How he manages to sit down on his cock... ahhhh....

I'll be honest, but I've never had that before.. After Dima eagerly digging me in the back, its what I love, alternating between the pussy then in the ass... and finished, finished right in the ass...

I have never had such vivid impressions...

Sasha and I broke up after half a year.. As Dima found so far, may from time to time but he is the most awesome sex of my entire life...